The Week Ahead: Week of April 16

By April 16, 2007General

Everybody’s back in the saddle this week. The blogger-in-chief is pale, flabby, rested and ready after a week of Parcheesi and staring into space. Rumors apparently had been flying around the blogosphere that if you played the blog backwards you could hear, “The Blogger-in-Chief is Dead.” (You young ‘uns, ask your grandparents to explain), but as with the last spate of similar rumors, it all proved to be untrue, ’twas all a hoax — and maybe a little wishful thinking.

  • Both houses of Congress are in session this week. God help us. The House is up to its usual brisk pace, tackling the Nation’s business, including naming a bunch of Post Offices, Commemorating the 85th Anniversary of the founding of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association as well as the 50th anniversary of Celilo Falls. So there’s that. Here’s a link to the line-up.
  • The Committee on World Travel and Junkets (so named by Rep. John Dingell) will hold a hearing on Wednesday at 9:30 on “Rising Oil Dependence and Global Warming.”
  • Here’s a link to the schedule of Senate hearings this week. Nothing terribly earth-shattering there.
  • The Senate is going to spend its time this week on Medicare Part D. You’ll recall (for those of you who don’t speak Medicare) that this was part of the first “100 Hours” war on business, trying to get the government to fix pharmaceutical prices, which is exactly what happened in the EU and at the VA when they tried this. No matter, the Senate will wade into the fray this week. The only good news is that it’ll probably push back another piece of the war on business, the anti-democracy card check bill, for another week.
  • A bunch of companies will issue their first quarter earnings this week. Maybe yours is one of ’em.
  • And thanks to Carter Wood, here’s a link to your horoscope for the week. Virgos should note that, “the emotional reverberations you’re feeling aren’t all in your head.” Well of course they’re not.
  • If you’ve not filed your taxes, hope you’re reading this from Costa Rica. Need to feed the beast, you know. It’ll actually take you another few days’ work to do it this year than last year. Gotta keep all these essential government programs going. Thanks for doing your part….
  • Finally, a special thinks to blogger extraordinaire Carter Wood who did yeoman’s work this week, posting at a furious pace and keeping the blog going. (What?!? No one noticed that the blogger-in-chief was gone?!?). Thanks, too, to Bill Canis and Dave Huether who also pitched in, but it was Carter who did the heavy lifting, keeping it witty, edgy and — of course, keeping it real.
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