The WaPo Gets It (Mostly) Right on Trade

By April 4, 2007Trade

Good editorial in today’s WaPo — mostly — about trade, calling on the Dems to get out of the way and approve the various trade deals that have recently been done with Korea, Colombia, Peru and Panama. Says the WaPo:

“If the Democrats do not wish to be known for standing against the prosperity brought by globalization, they should pocket the concessions the administration has offered and make some compromises of their own.”

“That there has been no deal,” says the Post, “is largely due to the insistence of pro-labor Democrats that the higher standards they want be enforceable not just on American trading partners but on the United States itself.” Ack! Now we want trade agreements to force the US into action? This is all just so much more of doing the unions’ bidding. God knows they paid for it.

Here’s a link to the full editorial, entitled, “Time for Trade.”