The Feel Thug Movie of the Year

Boy, does this strike a nerve. Coming this December to a screen near you, “Battle in Seattle,” a celebration of the 1999 WTO protests. Wonder whether they’ll open with the scenes this blogger witnessed of delegates being roughed up in the name of “non-violent protest.” Of a weak-willed, politically correct mayor and his police chief giving tacit approval to the riots. Of gangs running wild through the streets.

Charlize Theron sure knows how to pick ’em. Guess “Monster II” was out of the question.

Perhaps as Battle’s epilogue, they’ll show some court scenes.

The city of Seattle will pay $1 million to WTO protesters who were arrested in Westlake Park seven years ago and will clear their records, in a settlement announced today.

The money will cover the plaintiffs’ legal fees, with the rest divided among 160 protesters, who will get roughly $3,000 to $10,000 per person, said Mike Withey, their attorney.

“We think the cash settlement does send a message that what Seattle did was wrong and we shouldn’t have been denied our constitutional rights,” said Ken Hankin, a Boeing engineer and one of the arrested protesters.

Talk about your jackpot justice.

Trade creates wealth and enriches impoverished countries. Which is more than these “protesters” ever did.

(Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.)