Statement from NAM, FIESP from Brazil

By April 13, 2007Trade

A news conference just wrapped up in Sao Paolo, Brazil, with NAM President John Engler and Paulo Skaf of FIESP, the Federation of Industries of the State of Sao Paolo, who released a joint statement. The first two paragraphs of the English-language statement:

The Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (FIESP) and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) are united in the objective of liberalizing world trade and building a stronger trade environment through the successful negotiation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Doha Development Agenda (DDA). We believe the attainment of this objective will benefit both our nations, as well as the world as a whole.

To further this objective, the two organizations announced today the formation of the bilateral Brazil-U.S. Industrial Dialogue, a joint initiative with a special focus on finding solutions for pending issues in the multilateral talks. This initiative is a direct result of the deepening of the relationship of the two organizations, building on their initial Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of March 2005.

The English-language statement is available here in .pdf format, and the Portuguese-language statement is here.

UPDATE 3 p.m.: News coverage in Portuguese here and here. Not sure what the Portuguese word “pífia” means, but apparently, that’s what Brazil’s access to the North American market is. And contrary to what the on-line translation engines claim, FIESP and NAM did not issue a joint tax return. It was a joint statement.