Snoop — Does Community Service Include Playing ‘Live Earth?’

Snoop Dogg, the felonious and foul rapper scheduled to perform at one of Al Gore’s “Live Earth” concerts to “raise awareness” about global warming, managed to evade prison yesterday at a court hearing in California. He pleaded no contest to gun and marijuana charges, getting five years probation and 800 hours of community service.

We’ve devoted some posts (here and here) to the subject of Snoop and the “Live Earth” folderol for several reasons. More than anything else, it is just profoundly irritating that the sponsors of “Live Earth,” Al Gore among them, presume to lecture people on their lifestyles through the person of Calvin Broadus, aka Snoop Dogg, whose career has been built on selling depravity — drugs, murder and sexual degredation of women — to young people. How can you clean up the environment by polluting the culture?

In addition, “Live Earth” is gaining amazing amounts of free publicity through the media with very little examination. Does a series of rock concerts really accomplish anything? (Were people saved by Live Aid?” Were the concert and charitable activities an efficient way of addressing famine in Ethiopia? Wasn’t the real problem a communist dictatorship, not lack of caring by the developed world? Murderous dictator Mengistu remains free in Zimbabwe, by the way.) Seems like including a convicted, recalcitrant felon in the “Live Earth” lineup is one subject that merits attention.

Certainly the arguments, exaggerations and preaching from the rock ‘n roll proselytizers about global warming deserve more examination than they have received. The news media should report, not applaud. George Will pegged the phenomenon this morning.

WASHINGTON — In a campaign without peacetime precedent, the media-entertainment-environmental complex is warning about global warming. Never, other than during the two world wars, has there been such a concerted effort by opinion-forming institutions to indoctrinate Americans, 83 percent of whom now call global warming a “serious problem.” Indoctrination is supposed to be a predicate for action commensurate with professions of seriousness.

We prefer discussion to indoctrination, information to sentiment.

And we definitely prefer not to be preached to by people who see no problem in having a convicted felon and cultural offender be a spokesman for their cause.

UPDATE (5:15 p.m.) Ludacris, too, is on the bill. More wretchedness.

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  • Sandra says:

    Thank you for recognizing the profoundly ridiculous. Add to that, a former U.S. president not defending the First Amendment, and I’d be a fan for life.