Report from America: Orlando, Florida

Report from AmericaAs we noted below, yesterday found the blogger-in-chief in Orlando, Florida (seems he’s spending an awful lot of time in Florida these days….) speaking to the Spring Meeting of the Association of Independent Corrugated Converters, expertly honchoed by our buddy Steve Young (not that Steve Young.)

In any event, we promised to post our slides and here they are. The AICC Fly-In is here in Washington DC in June and we have no doubt these folks will descend en masse for that event, carrying the message of manufacturing. As luck would have it, before our talk, three members of the AICC stood up to talk about why it was so important for everyone to participate in the Fly-In. As it turns out, they were about 2000% more effective and articulate than the blogger-in-chief in carrying the message (a low bar, we admit….) These folks are true believers — in manufacturing, that is — and it was great to be among them. All we can tell the Congress is to brace yourselves for when they arrive in June.

Thanks again to Steve Young and company (that includes new hires John Morgan and Kevin Ott) for their hospitality and for the invite.