Report from America: Asheville, NC

By April 4, 2007Report from America

Report from AmericaYesterday found the blogger-in-chief in Asheville, North Carolina at the beautiful and historic Grove Park Inn, speaking to Barb Higgens and the nice people at the Plumbing Manufacturers Institute at their annual Spring Meeting. These are the folks who make the stuff you find inside every American home (except maybe In West Virginia), like sinks, toilets, etc. Theirs are the brands you all know well: American Standard, Price Pfister, Moen, Delta Faucet, Elkay, Fluidmaster, Kohler, Whirlpool, and a bunch of other smaller manufacturers like NEOPERL who you may not have heard of, but who are just as central to the ins and outs (if you will) of plumbing.

In any event, they didn’t get the usual old time manufacturing religion speech but instead suffered through the blogger-in-chief bloviating about — what else? — blogging. We regaled them with all sorts of tales from the world’s oldest blogger. We are clearly zealots on the topic and are bilingual in that we are middle-aged but speak blog. They make some of the coolest stuff and with a little luck, we might have scored a few videos of “Cool Stuff Being Made” from this group.

A few folks came up to us afterward to chat and to tell us of some very cool innovations that they are developing as we speak. As details of those come through, we will post them here. We mentioned the late great Dick Kelch and his “Peacemaker.” These are every bit as cool — and useful.

We also mentioned Google’s April Fools’ joke, their “TISP“, beta wireless broadband access that first required the flushing of fiber optic cable down your toilet. We thought that would be right up their alley, and they clearly got a big charge out of it. maybe they’ll partner with Google on the beta testing of this important invention, make a hoax into reality. We also touched on our little April Fools prank which also ended up fooling more people that we ever thought, and showed once again the tremendous power of the blogosphere.

So thanks again to bagpiper extraordinaire Barb Higgens for the invite and for doing such a great job with PMI. She’s also incoming Chair of the NAM’s Council of Manufacturing Associations so we had to be extra special nice to her. Truth is, in Barb’s case it’s not hard.

A good day, great location, good to be among America’s leading manufacturers.

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  • Fred Luedke says:

    Pat, thank you for the great, informative presentation and your thoroughly entertaining delivery. Also thank you for mentioning NEOPERL; now a few more people outside of industry insiders have heard of us.

  • Jeff Baldwin says:

    Don’t forget about the little guys from PMI…

  • John Watson says:

    Pat, thanks for all of the positive comments you awarded us; but I think we need to acknowledge your efforts as well. Your presentation gave us lots to think about and we’ll have to go back to our repsective companies and decide how to deal or proceed with the issues you brought forth. I know that as an industry we really do a lot more than folks give us credit for, and I’m hoping we can change that in the future.

  • Glad you liked the Grove Park.

    While you’re here, check out BlogAsheville’s blogroll for our particular mountain bloggy flavor.