On to Brazil

By April 9, 2007Trade

This week I’ll be leading a delegation of manufacturers on a trade mission to Brazil, working hard to jumpstart world trade negotiations.

Our NAM delegation will meet with Brazilian government and industry officials to talk about the World Trade Organization’s Doha Round. The WTO’s global trade talks are such that they could reduce countries’ barriers to U.S. exports.

In the six years of Doha, almost all the work has focused on agriculture. Manufacturing has been stuck on the back burner, on low-flame, even though it comprises 70 percent of world merchandise trade.

Well, the talks are stalled, but we need to get them restarted. People now realize that for Doha to succeed, there needs to be much more opportunity, and greater market access, for exports of manufactured goods as well as services.

Brazil is a major player, and now Brazil is beginning to understand that by allowing in more manufactured products, it can gain more access for Brazilian farm exports.

The U.S. market is the most open in the world, but U.S. companies continue to face tariffs and other trade barriers that make trade difficult with many nations. A successful Doha Round would lower those barriers, creating more opportunity for U.S. products – exports that could create high-paying jobs here at home. It’s a goal well-worth pursuing, and I’m prepared to go all the way to Brazil to get it done.

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  • John, I wish you and the rest of the NAM trade mission success in your efforts to jumpstart the WTO Doha global trade talks. I appreciate the reservations of both sides – the developed and developing world. It is a complex issue that cannot be resolved with haste and disregard for the world’s weak and struggling economies.