Newt Contra Kerry on Global Warming

By April 10, 2007Global Warming

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich debated Senator John Kerry (D-MA) today on global warming, a clash of, cough, titans that apparently had a few good exchanges but by and large failed to edify…or educate…or entertain. Or so it appears from the news coverage or the live blogging from the Planet Gore crew at National Review, who would normally be receptive to Gingrich’s arguments. Kerry won on points, it appears, and at least got a positive blurb from Gingrich for the back cover of the paperback edition of his new book, co-written with his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, This Moment on Earth: Today’s New Environmentalists.

The idea of a campaign-promoting book by a non-candidate seems odd, but we haven’t read it, so will pass on passing judgment. We do note Senator Kerry’s NAM voting record for 109th Congress was 12 percent.