Natural Gas: Funny, It Used to be Very Popular

By April 15, 2007Energy, Global Warming

From California:

The California Coastal Commission entered into uncharted waters Thursday when it unanimously rejected BHP Billiton’s proposed $800 million floating liquefied natural gas terminal off the Ventura County coast.

There were a number of reasons for the decision safety, potential damage to migrating whales and smog producing air pollution. But the state agency broke new ground when it also evaluated the project based on how it might contribute to global warming, which many scientists believe is exacerbated by burning fossil fuels.

From Delaware:

WILMINGTON – The legal battle over whether boundary agreements dating to the 17th century allow Delaware to halt plans for a liquefied-natural-gas terminal in South Jersey will continue.

A U.S. Supreme Court-appointed special master, in a ruling released late Friday, said Delaware’s jurisdiction over the Delaware River basin extended to the New Jersey shoreline in a decision that could mean the end of the terminal.

From Maine:

Several groups of Washington County residents who oppose the liquefied natural gas terminals proposed in Passamaquoddy Bay banded together and filed a motion this week with the state Board of Environmental Protection, asking it to reject Downeast LNG’s application to construct a terminal in Robbinston.

You know, if everyone adopts NIMBY as a governing philosophy, it’s going to get awfully cold and dark around here.

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  • The LNG developers in Passamaquoddy Bay are ignoring the LNG industry’s own best practices safety standards, as published by the Society of International Gas Terminal and Tanker Operators (SIGTTO). SIGTTO membership includes over 90% of the world’s LNG capacity. There are dozens of conditions in Passamaquoddy Bay that would result in these industry standards being violated by the proposed LNG terminals. Following are URLs citing the LNG industry violations for each of the proposed terminals for Passamaquoddy Bay:
    Downeast LNG:
    Quoddy Bay LNG:

    Here’s the SIGTTO website URL:

    For comprehensive information regarding the proposed Passamaquoddy Bay LNG projects, see:

  • Bill Butler says:

    It’s bad enough when local citizens might be subjected to possible hazards of LNG shipping, but Quoddy Bay LNG and Downeast LNG are trying to force these hazards onto citizens in Canada. I have a web page at that has more information on these hazards.

  • Joe says:

    In the Passamaquoddy Bay region of Maine, NIMBY is not the governing philosophy. Your assumption is incorrect. If you would actually do a little research you would see that the opposition to LNG in this area is based on safety, economics and the adverse effect on the environment. This part of Maine is ecologically vital. The main reason that LNG found its way to Washington County is based on the stagnate economy of that area. Quoddy and Downeast LNG are both preying on the souls of the people who they see as desperate to have ANYHTING come to Washington County that may provide an economic boost. In the end, everyone will suffer if either LNG facility is built.