Maryland’s Unfair Share Bill Dies — For Now

By April 18, 2007Labor Unions

You may recall that last year the Maryland legislature showed itself to be a tool of organized labor by passing the so-called “fair share” bill that would have required Wal-Mart to provide health care to its employees or pay into a state fund. You may also recall that Maryland’s Assistant Attorney General testified under oath at the time that the “Wal-Mart bill” was not targeted at Wal-Mart.

The law was thrown out in federal court, a decision affirmed by the Fourth Circuit. Yesterday, Maryland’s Attorney General — standing in this photo with the head of the Maryland AFL-CIO, who apparently writes all his stuff — announced he’d not embarrass himself or his state further by appealing this meritless case to the US Supreme Court.

This was a piece of legislation that was DOA from the start but unfortunately there we re so many Maryland legislators eager to pander to their labor patrons that the things ailed through the legislature. Let’s hope at lest some of them are cowed by this experience and decide not to lend their names or their support to a bill that’s so patently illegal. Maybe they can find some other way to pander for the unions’ cash.

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  • Will Burns says:

    The Maryland General Assembly did find another way to pander to the unions. It enacted “living wage” legislation to establish a minimum wage for employees working on state service contracts of over $100,000 at a level of $11.30 per hour in the six metropolitan counties and $8.50 per hour in the balance of the state.