‘Live Earth’ Crack the Mac Back

As previously reported here, it appears unlikely that Al Gore’s concert series to rally against man-made global warming will take place on the U.S. Capitol grounds. Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-OK, vows to block any permit for the “Live Earth” show because the concert would be a partisan event. It’s a safe bet. Sanctimonious performers are known for partisan condemnation of anyone who challenges their holy writ.

In response to the Senate fuss, Chad Griffin, a senior advisor to the “Live Earth” shows (and political consultant to Rob Reiner), issued a statement:

“On July 7, 2007, Live Earth will unite over 2 billion people across all seven continents, and while its unfortunate for the American people that we are being blocked from staging the U.S. concert in our nation’s capital, the show must go on.”

Live Earth will unite more than two billion people, eh? Unite…

Snoop Dogg, him bust gunshots
Skateboard P, they say him bust gunshots
DPG, them bust gunshots
BBC, you know them bust gunshots (come again, now!)
Snoop Dogg, him bust gunshots
Skateboard P, you know him bust gunshots (come again, now!)
BBC, them bust gunshots
DPGC, you know them bust gunshots (come again, now!)

That’s the refrain from Snoop Dogg’s recent “Vato,” about gangsta life and race wars, and the only non-profane lyrics we find to print. Yet the rapper and convicted felon Snoop Dogg (him bust gunshots) is a big attraction for the “Live Earth” shows. Apparently he hopes to unite two billion people with raps about gang murder: “I crack the mac back and pop off rolling/And smack your neck back, you drop off falling.” Lovely.

Anti-global warming scolds often use claims of moral superiority to bludgeon any critics into silence. But Al Gore and everyone involved in “Live Earth” abandoned any claims to morality when they signed up the criminal and woman-hater Snoop Dogg to perform in their concerts.

The show must go on? Not really, not with Snoop Dogg on the bill.