Jamestown: Law of the Land, Coin of the Realm

Jamestown.jpgThe NAM is a partner in marking the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown because the events represent the quadricenntenial of manufacturing in what would become the United States.

As manufacturers, we also celebrate Jamestown as the 400th anniversary of the rule of law, i.e., English law, in the New World. And without the rule of law, caprice replaces commerce, making business a risky venture indeed.

So we applaud this week’s events in Virginia beginning today, the Rule of Law Conference at the University of Richmond. Among the many luminaries attending are Chief Justice John Roberts and the Rt. Hon. Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, lord chief justice of England and Wales. (AP story here.)

In other breaking quadricentennial news, the U.S. Mint’s commemorative Jamestown coins (image here) are apparently selling like very popular commemorative coins.

Since January 11, more than 60 percent of the gold $5 coins and more than half of the silver $1 coins have sold. The Mint has had very few commemorative coins sell out in the last several decades, but if sales continue at the current pace Jamestown coins may join the list.