Innovation: A Proclamation, a Goal

By April 22, 2007Innovation

The United States is the world’s innovation leader. With new patents, new products, basic science and R&D, our country maintains its competitive edge.

But unless America makes the right investments and the right decisions, we won’t innovate. We’ll stagnate. Our competitors will win the economic battles.

In Asia and Europe, students are scoring better on math and science exams. Other countries graduate more scientists and engineers. They encourage more research and development through smart tax policy.

In response, the National Association of Manufacturers recently joined 300 other organizations in signing, “The American Innovation Proclamation.” Together, we call on Congress to enact an “innovation agenda.”

Congress must:

  • Renew America’s commitment to discovery by doubling basic research budgets in federal agencies.
  • Improve student achievement in math and science.
  • Welcome highly educated foreign professionals — scientists, engineers, programmers — by reforming U.S. visa policies.
  • And make permanent a strengthened R&D tax credit.
  • This “innovation agenda” is a set of realistic goals and necessary action. The simple truth is, if the United States fails to devote enough attention and resources to innovation, we’ll fall behind.

    It’s time Congress act on the “Innovation Agenda,” and act for America’s future.