From Our Friends in Utah

By April 10, 2007Labor Unions

A letter to the editor in today’s Salt Lake Tribune,“Unions and Privacy.”

Congress is poised to take away the right of employees to vote in the workplace.

Under the so-called Employee Free Choice Act, passed by the House and soon to be considered in the Senate, union organizers could form a union by just collecting employee signature cards. This is a highly public process that invites arm-twisting and intimidation. Employees could no longer vote their consciences in a confidential, federally supervised election.

The Utah Manufacturers Association prides itself on representing nearly 800 member companies who provide good-paying manufacturing jobs and who are leaders in their communities. Their employees deserve privacy and freedom when deciding whether or not to join a union. This bill doesn’t do that.

We urge The Salt Lake Tribune and its readers to remind our members of Congress that we take democracy and employee rights seriously.

Thomas E. Bingham
President, Utah Manufacturers Association
Salt Lake City

Thanks, Tom.