Friday Follies: How to Dance Properly

By April 13, 2007Friday Follies

Friday FolliesThe blogger-in-chief’s on vacation this week (Can’t you tell? The writing’s improved!), but attended a small lunch on Tuesday hosted by the good folks from The NewsMarket and featuring former CBS head Andrew Heyward talking about the use of video on the Internet. Heyward said a lot of smart things (we’ll write on that later), but along the way also showed a few very funny websites.

One of them was this one from Ze Frank entitled, “How to Dance Properly.” Regular readers will recall “The History of Dance” that we posted here for Follies almost a year ago. We’re dance maniacs, after all. Ze Frank’s is just a series of clips showing some pretty excellent dance moves that you might be able to use this weekend. And even if not, you can try some out around the office and impress your co-workers. Too bad there’s no soundtrack for these, but you’ll just have to use your imagination. Learn the “Who’s Your Daddy?” or segue into the “Ride the Pony” — a timeless move, really, and one of our favorites when we get dancing ’round the blog corral.

So click here to watch this week’s Friday Follies and get your groove on.