Dobbs Watch: Half the Story

By April 24, 2007Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchThanks to our blog buddy Kevin Meyer for passing along this post from the Skeptical Optimist blog entitled, “Destroying jobs, and creating them,” pointing out that Lou Dobbs is consistent in telling about half the story. The entry talks about the “creative destruction” that is the American economy, still the envy of the world. We have pointed this out frequently, but this is a slightly different take. Every year we lose and create jobs in this country. The trick is to create more than we lose, and we have pretty consistently done that.

There are also some good charts in this post that show the job creation that has taken place. So while it’s popular to believe that jobs are being shipped offshore, the truth — as with so much “conventional wisdom” these days — is quite the opposite. Jobs are being lost and created right here in the US of A.

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  • Ozy says:

    You guys are full of it. LOL,

    Why don’t you try to argue with Dobbs on his show or better yet debate with Thom Hartmann. We know who you are funded by and what your goal is. Cheap labor and no unions.