Cool Stuff Being Made: Musselman’s Apple Sauce

By April 28, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

hm_logos_03.giflast week that the NAM staff does an annual tour of a manufacturing facility somewhere near NAM HQ in Washington, DC. A few years back we went out to Virginia to tour the White House applesauce plant. It was really something to see, a process some might expect would be “old economy” but in fact was filled with some of the most high-tech machines and processes we’ve ever seen, including an optical reader that spies apples slices with bruises and shoots them out of the lot, all while they move at warp speed.

Well, thanks again to our friends at PCN Tours, we have a one-hour video of the Knouse Foods Cooperative plant in Pennsylvania where Musselman Applesauce (among other brands) is made. The tour is courtesy of Knouse VP of Technical Services Bob Binkley and traces the apples from shipment, classification, weighing, through coring, peeling (at a rate of about 120 per minute) to canning and shipping. By the way, did you know that apples give off carbon dioxide? Guess we can expect Al Gore to get after them, since they, too, must be causing global warming — but they taste so good!

Oh, well. If God gives you apples, we say, make applesauce. It made us a bit hungry just watching this, we’ll admit. Here’s another every day item that is a manufactured product and comes right from the plant to your table.

Click here to see this week’s video of Cool Stuff Being Made, pass the applesauce and feel the manufacturing vibe.