Cool Stuff Being Made: Marlin Steel Wire Products

By April 21, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

ind1_100.gifMarlin Steel Wire Products in Baltimore, Maryland. The blogger’s apprentice (moment of silence…) shot the video and with the help of Craig Cussimanio finally put this final product together.

There’s a little in here about Marlin’s process, but more importantly, you’ll hear a true manufacturing evangelist, Marlin CEO Drew Greenblatt, talking to the NAM’ers before and during their tour. When he took over the company, as you’ll hear, the workers were all making minimum wage and there was no health care coverage. Drew changed all that, boosting their pay and offering health care and a 401(K). Today every employee is in the 401(K). Not many companies — large or small — can say that.

You’ll hear him talk about the value of good employees, the importance of innovation and how they approach their business, i.e., as “solving people’s problems,” using a specific example from one of their big customers, Toyota.

And so forgive us if there’s not as much of the manufacturing process in this 5-minute video. We post it because of the rest of it, because of what it tells about the stuff of US manufacturers. Watch it and you’ll see why it’s so easy to be so proud of all our members.

Here’s to Drew Greenblatt and his wonderful team at Marlin Steel Wire Products. Click here to see this week’s video. If you don’t feel the manufacturing vibe, you need to get your vibe checked.