Cool Stuff Being Made: Majestic Baseball Uniforms

By April 14, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

boeing_apache_blog.gifThe major league baseball season is well under way, interrupted only by rainouts, snowstorms and the Washington Senators.

And when MLB teams take the field, they’re wearing uniforms designed and produced by the apparel manufacturer,Majestic Athletic Uniforms, of Bangor, PA. In this week’s “Cool Stuff Being Made,” our friends at PCN (Pennsylvania Cable Network) send us a 40-minute video that shows the whole process, from computer design to cutting room to sewing rooms to packaging and shipping, and on and on.

Majestic still hand produces many uniforms, allowing custom orders made via Internet purchases. Majestic’s president, Faust Capobianco, leads the tour, speaking with pride about the company’s many products, and especially those that meet the MLB uniform contract Majestic won in 2000. Newsweek ran a nice profile of the company a few years back, which you can read here.

With that, here’s the video, and play ball!

UPDATE (7:30 p.m.) Should have noted that Majestic was acquired by VF Imagewear last February. Quality performance is always in demand, on the ballfield or in the businessworld.

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