Cool Stuff Being Made: How Boeing Helicopters Are Made

By April 7, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

boeing_apache_blog.gifIt was in 1493 when Leonardo daVinci designed the plans for the first helicopter. It wasn’t until some 450 years later that a Russian immigrant, Igor Sikorsky, saw the VS-300 fly for the first time, right here in the US.

Since then, the helicopter has gone through many improvements and iterations. Here’s a link to an Encyclopedia Britannia video from the 50s that’s more advanced than daVinci or Sikorsky, but is a long way form the state-of-the-art helicopters of today.

Which brings us to this week’s video. Another one from our friends at PCN Tours, this is a tour of the Boeing Helicopter plant in Philadelphia, expertly conducted by Sebastian Arrigo, General Manager of flight test operations for proud NAM member Boeing. Here you can see the CH-47D Chinook helicopter being made. This is a workhorse that can carry 10 tons of equipment, a versatile flying machine that is getting a lot of work these days in Iraq and other places around the globe.

So click here to watch the 49-minute video of Boeing helicopters being made and feel the manufacturing vibe.

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  • kasun says:

    dear sir
    i am a university student in srilanka.
    i like to make a small helicopter as y project . so i would like to get more informations from you to make the helicopter. If i could get more pictures to see how to make the helicoper it is more glad. God bless you.