Convenient Fiction: A Tale of Rebuttal

We suppose that calm, fact-oriented documentaries that seek balance on important issues are not going to win any Oscars, but still have hope that “An Inconvenient Truth, or Convenient Fiction?” will at least attract the public’s attention. The movie, produced by our friends at the Pacific Research Institute, had its San Francisco premiere last week, giving American Enterprise Institute and PRI scholar Steven Hayward a chance to argue that Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” is alarmism on the silver screed. From the New York Times story:

Mr. Hayward said the point of his 50-minute movie — basically a lecture like “Inconvenient Truth,” though half as long — was to dispute Mr. Gore’s depiction of potentially devastating consequences of global warming.

“I agree that we’re warming,” he told a reporter, “and I agree that we’re playing a role in it. What I disagree with is his overall pessimism.”

Mr. Hayward spends more than a little time in his film attacking Mr. Gore, whom he calls “an environmental extremist,” and poking fun at the style of “Inconvenient Truth,” including its hand-held camerawork, its arresting charts and its attention-grabbing props. At one point, for example, he mocks Mr. Gore’s dramatic use of a cherry picker to illustrate potentially soaring global temperatures.

“I’m going to save some energy,” Mr. Hayward says, “and use a ladder.”

There’s still room available at the Washington, D.C., premiere this Wednesday evening at the Heritage Foundation. Click here for details.

The New York premiere is the following Tuesday, April 24th. For details and reservations, please click here.

Can’t make it? Check out the movie at the Planet Gore blog, split into two parts here and here.