Climate Update: Mars is Warming, Crops are Growing

By April 5, 2007Global Warming

Apparently all the manufacturing activity and the SUV’s driving around Mars are starting to have an impact: The Martian climate is warming. What other explanation could there possibly be?

Also, Tim Blair has this post, noting first the dire predictions of warming and its impact on crop yields and then noting that crop yields are at an all-time high. Oh, well…

It’s at least impolite (and in some quarters heresy) to speak of benefits from any potential warming, but it doesn’t seem logical, does it, that warming would produce only negative results — or that cooling would produce only negative results? It just doesn’t make logical sense. In other words, warming or cooling would presumably bring with it a mix of good and bad, no? Wouldn’t one of the upsides of warming be longer growing seasons in some areas, and thus higher crop yields? If you believe the globe has warmed a degree in the last century, then maybe that’s what accounts for the high crop yields, which is good news for the world’s poor, and the world at large.