Card Check: Senator Hatch Refutes the Spin

By April 17, 2007Labor Unions

Back on March 26th, we made this comment about Senator Orrin Hatch, R-UT, and his opposition to the baldly misnamed Employee Free Choice Act: “When Senator Hatch sets his mind against a piece of legislation, he’s a fierce, unflinching force. Thanks, Senator. “Freedom” and “choice” shouldn’t be robbed of their real meanings.”

So it is with excitement and yet more appreciation that we note that Senator Hatch is scheduled to speak at Friday noon at the Heritage Foundation on the “card check” legislation, a talk entitled, “The So-Called Employee Free Choice Act: An Offer We Can Refuse.”

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) will discuss the “Employee Free Choice Act” from a legal, moral and economic perspective. Hatch views the bill as a boon only to union bosses desperately seeking a way to staunch their declining membership. But, he warns, the bill poses a major threat to American workers, who would lose their democratic right to vote via private ballot.

Good to bring the moral component into the discussion, Senator. How could it be moral to browbeat employees into signing up for a union, when given the opportunity via secret ballot they would oppose membership. Freedom of association is a freedom, after all.

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