Card Check: Euphemisms Can’t Disguise the Truth

By April 18, 2007Labor Unions

NAM President John Engler’s “K Street Insiders” column* in today’s The Hill is a stinging takedown of the misleadingly, dishonestly and euphemistically named Employee Free Choice Act, aka the “card check” legislation.

Big Labor sees the legislation as a way to help stem the calamitous decline in nationwide union membership, which has dropped below 8 percent in the private sector. Their solution is not to recognize and adapt to the changing needs of modern workers, but rather to rig the process, exposing individual employees to intense one-on-one persuasion, coercion and intimidation, depiriving them of the traditional safety of the secret ballot to vote their conscience.

All the well-chosen euphemisms in the world cannot put lipstick on this legislative pig. The fundamental issue remains “free choice,” whether employees have the right — the free choice — to choose in a fair and private matter.

The strategies of both sides on the bill are clear: Organized labor wants to distract people from examining what the legislation actually does, while the bill’s opponents want to focus on its substance. If members of Congress and the public ackowledge the bill’s anti-democratic essence, then its defeat is certain.

*The NAM is located at 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue. K Street is five blocks away.