Card Check: Deception AND Coercion

By April 12, 2007Labor Unions

Revealing letter in the Rochester (MN) Post-Bulletin about the tactics that accompany card-check campaigns. You can see how employees who were tricked into signing cards would want an opportunity to revisit their decision, an opportunity now provided by a federally supervised, secret-ballot election — exactly what unions wants to eliminate with the anti-democratic Employee Free Choice Act.

4/11/2007 8:23:58 AM
Members of the Service Employee International Union are attempting to pass a bill called the “Employee Free Choice Act.” This bill would force employers to recognize the “card check process.”

The majority of day-care providers in Minnesota were manipulated into signing cards for the union by being told that if we signed, we would “get more information about the union.” The reality is that by signing, we are giving our support to the union and taking away our voting rights by the societies to which many belong.

These societies are our voices in the Legislature. The manipulative behaviors of the union have tricked many of us. The union is trying to use these cards to show our “support” for their agenda in the Legislature. Their agenda is to gain money for themselves, not to better the child-care industry. I encourage all members of Congress not to support the Employee Free Choice Act.

If the union has the support of day-care providers, we want a fair vote like all Americans deserve, not a card check. In the state of Illinois, only 10 percent of providers who signed cards are union members; 90 percent who signed cards are not union members.

If providers don’t want to be unionized write to SEIU and get your cards back.

Diana Friemann
Licensed day-care provider