Carbon Tax ‘Gains Support’? Really?

By April 2, 2007Global Warming

Here’s a piece from yesterday’s WaPo entitled, “Tax on Carbon Emissions Gains Support,” subtitled, “Industry and Experts Promote It as Alternative to Help Curb Greenhouse Gases.” Only problem is, when you read the article, there’s precious little support form industry, just the support from the usual lefties. In fact, we couldn’t find anyone from “industry” quoted at all in support of the idea of a carbon tax.

There are lots of ideas on the table, that’s for sure, but mark us down as skeptical on two fronts. First, let’s see the science and second, let’s see how a “tax” — any tax — will work, and let’s make sure it’s not going to be a job killer. Then maybe “industry” will weigh in. ‘Til then, let’s not mis-characterize things or see support where there is none.

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  • Fred says:

    Firstly I would recommend that NAM help push the TLC, Discover and History Channel to air “The Great Global Warming Swindle” We have seen enough of the Man-Made-Global-Warming (MMGW) pro case made. How about the case against?
    Regarding the previous comment made…. OF COURSE there is a liberal bias when it comes to MMGW!! The left believes in it as a religion and the right for the most part does not. Simple fact. Dan may deny it but then that’s all part of their campaign to ramrod this entire subject down the American peoples throat. ( Of course some of the top rino republicans mouth some positive words but that’s because their politicians and by nature have spines of liguini. It’s scary when lawyers talk science!) A quick viewing of “The Great Global Warming Swindle” debunks the MMGW myth. Any changes that have occurred due to increased solar activity.

    I’ve written an article where in I suggest giving non-carbon based technology developers a 100 year tax free period. If MMGW is NOT about a power grab then why not use the carrot instead of the stick?

  • Dan says:

    If you can’t find any support for a carbon tax other than “from the usual lefties,” it’s because you haven’t looked. Support for carbon taxes is bipartisan and economists supporting it are certainly anything but “lefties.” Take a look at the Carbon Tax Center,, particularly our “Supporters” page at

    Can’t find anyone from industry quoted as supporting the idea of a carbon tax? Again, check out our “Supporters” page. Also, check out

    As you stated in your post, “let’s not mis-characterize things.” And, let’s not cover our eyes and ignore reality.