Brazil Bound

By April 11, 2007Trade

NAM President John Engler has headed off for Sao Paulo, leading a delegation of top-level manufacturers and trade association reps to help get the Doha Round of the WTO moving ahead. As Reuters reports:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Os industriais norte-americanos esperam convencer nesta semana a Federação das IndÚstrias do Estado de São Paulo (Fiesp) a juntar esforos buscando uma redução maior das tarifas de importação no setor manufatureiro, no âmbito da Rodada de Doha de negociações comerciais globais, disse uma fonte industrial dos EUA na segunda-feira.

Well, we post that just because we’ve never posted in Portuguese before. The English version is here, and it does a good job of hitting the reasons for the trip:

WASHINGTON –– US manufacturers hope to persuade an influential Brazilian industry group to join them this week in a push for deep industrial tariff cuts in 5-year-old world trade talks, a U.S. industry official said on Monday.

“Our hope is if the Brazilian industry tells the Brazilian government they want to move (on industrial tariffs)” that will persuade other key countries to make similar moves in the
negotiations, said Frank Vargo, vice president of the Washington-based National Association of Manufacturers.

The NAM release announcing the trip is here and President Engler’s blog post is here. A disproportionate amount of attention has been paid to agricultural interests in the Doha negotiations. Now it’s time to get down to manufacturing, and working with our Brazilian counterparts, FIESP — the Federation of Industries of the State of Sao Paulo — industry can assume its appropriate place at the center of our respective governments’ attention, pushing the negotiations off dead center.