Unionization by Intimidation

By March 30, 2007Labor Unions

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-UT, has issued a scathing news release on Sen. Edward Kennedy’s introduction of the egregiously misnamed Employee Free Choice Act, S. 1041. The essential point about the bill is always worth repeating.

“This bill is unionization by intimidation…We wouldn’t allow politicians to bully voters at the ballot box, and we shouldn’t allow unions to do the same to employees. It seems obvious that big labor just wants to rebuild its membership rolls — and its bank account — through a forced unionization process.”

Elsewhere, Investor’s Business Daily examines the role of big labor in the Democratic presidential contest and other campaigns. Quick version: The unions are calling the shots.

Card-check bill supporters, such as Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., concede it has little chance of passing this Congress. The GOP is staunchly opposed, and President Bush has issued a veto threat.

But unions nevertheless want Congress to take it up — and they’ll carefully watch who does and does not support it, Borosage said.

Labor’s support in 2008 might well turn on whether card check and other union priorities become the candidate’s key issues, he said.

Apparently many candidates actually have hired chiropractors to travel on the campaign planes with them. You never know when you’ll need an adjustment after bending over backwards all day.