Trade = 31 Million Jobs

By March 14, 2007Trade

As if we needed more evidence that trade is good, comes now our friends over at the Business Roundtable with its latest study on the topic. This hot on the heels of the first anniversary of CAFTA. Where were all the CAFTA Chicken Littles? We went from a $1 billion deficit to a $1 billion surplus in one year. Didn’t see many stories on that. Heck, even Lou ignored it.

We know that trade is a net benefit to US manufacturers and workers, but the conventional wisdom is unfortunately otherwise. That’s OK, conventional wisdom was that the world was flat back in Genoa in 1492. Turns out they were wrong, too.

The new study, done in conjunction with Trade Partnership Worldwide, has some important findings, even if they weren’t surprising to us. They found that International trade has had a net positive impact on U.S. jobs, including the manufacturing sector. Well, duh! (Lou, are you listening?) There was some good data in there, too:

  • Total net U.S. jobs dependent on total U.S. trade exceeded 31 million in 2004.
  • Nearly one in every five U.S. jobs are positively linked to exports and imports of goods and services.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the net impact of trade on the number of U.S. manufacturing jobs is positive.
  • Every U.S. state has realized net employment gains directly attributable to trade. (You mean like Mississippi…?)
  • As U.S. trade has grown over the past decade, caused in part by trade liberalizing international agreements, so has the number of U.S. jobs tied to trade.
  • Trade agreements open markets to US-manufactured goods and that’s good for manufacturers and their workers. We need more trade agreements, even though the protectionists believe otherwise and they seem to have the microphone these days. You can be wrong if you’re loud, you’ll get the headline. And they do.

    Here’s the link to the full study. It’s worth taking a look at, if only to stay steeped in the facts while the nonsense swirls about you.

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    • Joe Dragon says:


      Did you even read the article? These guys are the very multinationals that close local factories and open overseas. Do you really expect them to bash “free trade”?

      Please note that nowhere in the entire article do they swerve from the “number” of jobs. Sure, your version of free trade creates “jobs” and Hurricane Katrina created a ton of “jobs”. They never mention the quality or pay of these “created” jobs- only the number of them. Do you want a bag of pennies or a handful of gold? How do you sleep at night spewing this propaganda?

      Oh yea, and CAFTA. It’s going to take a while for your friendly multinationals to set up slave labor sweat shops before you start seeing the trade deficit swing the other way. Mark my words Pat, give it a couple years and you will hear that giant sucking sound.