This Week on America’s Business

By March 16, 2007Economy, Labor Unions, Trade

Americas Business with Mike Hambrick“America’s Business” tips its hat to the Irish this week in salute of St. Patrick’s Day, while examining the Emerald Island’s economic renaissance. Host Mike Hambrick speaks with Deborah O’Shea, executive director of Atlantic Corridor, USA, an economic development outfit connecting New York State with Ireland.

“America’s Business” checks back with the impassioned debate over “card check,” legislation that would allow unions to avoid secret-ballot elections when organizing a workplace. The Wall Street Journal’s “Potomac Watch” columnist, Kimberly Strassel, frames the issue in Congress. We then conclude last week’s debate between David Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union, and Jonathan Tasini, executive director of the Labor Research Association.

With “March Madness” upon us, “America’s Business” profiles a business that helps fans enjoy the games — Herr Foods of Nottingham, PA, a family-owned manufacturer of snack foods. Company president Ed Herr describes Herr’s 60-year history and ponders the question: Can snacking be healthy?

Continuing our coverage of the presidential race, Mike interviews Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former director of the Congressional Budget Office and currently an economic advisor to Sen. John McCain’s campaign.

In our regular segments, Renee Giachino of the American Justice Partnership makes the case for tort reform; Dean Garritson of Green River Cabins in Campobello, SC, steps up on “The Soapbox”; and from the “Factory Floor” in Trussville, AL, we hear from Bill Beyer, president of Amerex Corp., a fire-extinguisher manufacturer. The NAM’s Hank Cox recalls “The Way it Was,” and NAM President John Engler closes with his “The Last Word” commentary.

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