This Week on America’s Business

By March 9, 2007Energy, Labor Unions

Americas Business with Mike HambrickManufacturers are world leaders in conservation and energy efficiency, and this week “America’s Business” highlights a great example — Corning’s successful efforts to control its energy consumption. Microsoft Visio 2007, the mapping and business management software, is an essential tool in the process, with Itron, the international leader in utility-meter reading technologies, guiding the way.

Host Mike Hambrick considers conservation of another kind — conserving federal dollars — in an interview with Jim Harper, who runs, a website devoted to detailing how much a piece of federal legislation costs the average American family.

This week’s media roundtable takes on the controversy of “card-check,” labor-backed legislation to replace secret-ballot elections in the workplace with employee signature cards. Representing the union side of the argument is Jonathan Tasini of the Labor Research Association, and supporting continued confidentiality for employees is David Keene, a columnist for The Hill and chairman of the American Conservative Union.

We hear from Chris Salow of Shop Rat, a Michigan group that sings the praises of being a “shop rat,” making manufacturing cool for young men and women.

Renee Giachino of The American Justice Partnership makes the always-persuasive case for legal reform. From “The Factory Floor” of Plastinetics in Towaco, N.J., we hear from CEO and President Ed Batta; and the NAM’s Hank Cox recalls “The Way it Was.” NAM President Engler closes with his “Last Word” commentary.

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