The Week Ahead: Week of March 19

By March 19, 2007Global Warming, Trade

Time for the fastest three, four or five minutes in Washington:

  • First things first: This week will see some more great basketball, as the NCAA narrows to the “Sweet Sixteen” and office productivity takes another big dip.
  • While the House and Senate are both in session, a bunch of us NAM’ers will be in Florida at our annual Public Affairs Conference. Yours truly will be moderating a panel on Tuesday with eminence grise David Broder and pundit extraordinaire John Fund of the Wall Street Journal. Here’s a link to the full agenda.
  • Here’s a link to the full House calendar this week, lots of cats and dogs. Seems that since they finished their 100 Hours push they’ve kinda been looking for direction. That’s fine by us, as sometimes no direction is better than moving in a bad direction.
  • Here’s a link to the Senate hearing schedule for the week.
  • NAM President John Engler will kick off the Public Affairs Conference in Florida, then zoom back here for a full week, including a bunch of Hill visits to carry the manufacturers’ message — which he does so well. We won’t say whom he’s meeting with, but we can tell you they will be on both sides of the aisle and with names you’d recognize. Watch this space for more info on that topic this week.
  • On Tuesday, the House Ways and Means Committee will hold a hearing on the US-Korea free trade agreement negotiations. Remember that trade agreements open markets to US-manufactured goods and Korea is the world’s 10th largest economy, and our seventh-largest trading partner.
  • On Wednesday, as Carter Wood noted below, the man with the big carbon footprint, Al Gore, will be making the rounds, giving a movie moguls’ views on climate change. He’s not a scientist, but he plays one on TV, so that’s OK. He’ll wow ’em over on the House side first, then go to the Senate and reprise his role as concerned former VP over there. Be prepared for breathless coverage by an adoring media horde, the same folks who voted for him. We’ll likely write more on that this week as well.
  • We’ll be doing dispatches from Florida and will pick back up with the regular order when we return on Wednesday. Should be an interesting week.