The Internet and the Campaign of ’08

By March 20, 2007General

We know this is a manufacturing blog, but we since we are part of the so-called, “new media,” we do like to sometimes marvel at the power of this newfangled series of tubes.

Just in case you’re the only person on the planet who missed this, someone anonymously posted a send-up of the famous Apple “1984” TV ad of many years ago (only aired once, by the way, became famous). They posted an ad not terribly favorable to Presidential candidate Sen. Clinton (D-NY), one that ends by touring the candidacy of Clinton rival and fellow Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL).

In any event, it’s been viewed a bazillion times on YouTube already and we suspect by the time you read this, it will have been viewed another bazillion times. Not sure what it cost to produce it, likely not much, but it’s been viewed far more times than the most expensive TV commercial you could produce — and to buy this much coverage would also cost a fortune.

We’ll be seeing more of this mischief no doubt, before the campaign of ’08 is relegated to the dustbin, but it’s one more reminder of the incredible power of the medium you’re now reading.

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