Television’s Focus on Manufacturing

In general, the entertainment industry would get a D or lower if graded on how much they know about modern manufacturing and their steadily inaccurate portrayals in films and on television.

So it always comes as a surprise when someone in Television Land actually tunes into the real world of manufacturing and even seeks to improve the understanding of our industry. Such an earthquake is taking place in Florida with Platinum Productions TV (PTG).

Doug Scott and Lisa Vrancken from PTG were interviewed recently by Ken Rayment with BetterProcess Podcast and their comments were really like a breath of fresh air. Their productions, aimed at both students and adults, seek to strengthen entrepreneurship. They take a good hard look at some of things you have read about in this blog that affect manufacturing:

  • high energy prices and the need to seek alternative fuels to lower those costs that raise costs for all manufacturers;
  • legal reforms that will curb the crazy litigous culture in the United States and the often crushing costs that go with it;
  • the need to spur more research and development;
  • skilled workers that are in short supply and the need to train more engineers, production workers and scientists.
  • If you have an interest in today’s manufacturing, then I’d strongly recommend you listen to this really good interview with Platinum Productions TV. Click here to listen. And kudos to Ken Rayment for bringing PTG’s initiatives to a wider audience.