Seize the Opportunity, Meet the Challenge!

Chinese%20Propaganda%20Poster.jpgWe were taken by the theme for this year’s Building and Construction Trades Dept.-AFL-CIO annual legislative conference — “Building Trades: Seize the Opportunity, Meet the Challenge!” A punchy call to action. Good stuff.

But the phrase did sound familiar, somehow. Like we’d come across it before.

Ah, yes. That was it. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao used it last April in his much-cited address to the Opening of the First Ministerial Conference of the China-Pacific Island Countries, Economic Development and Cooperation Forum.

“People in the region, facing a new international environment and increasing economic globalization, ardently hope to seize the opportunity, meet the challenge and keep abreast with the advance of the times,” the premier declared. Ardently.

The phrase even appears to be a bit of standard exhortation for the cadres.

Well, a rallying cry is a rallying cry. But a word of advice to our friends in the building trades. Probably better if you avoid singing this song.