Report from America: Jacksonville, Florida

By March 20, 2007Report from America

Report from AmericaAs we noted yesterday, this week the blogger-in-chief is in Jacksonville, Florida for the NAM’s Annual Public Affairs Conference. But we did double duty yesterday, moseying on over to see the Mike Perry and the good folks from the Investment Casting Institute at their annual meeting here.

We told them we’d post our slides and here they are — who we are (manufacturing in the US), what we’re up against and what we need to do about it. They were engaged and motivated. We expect a bunch of Members of Congress to hear from ICI members, inviting them into their plants and talking to them about manufacturing, its importance and impact.

Got a question on card check, which enabled us to riff on that a bit. We must admit, the biggest problem with this issue is getting regular Americans to believe that it’s a serious issue. At first blush, they simply cannot believe that Congress would pass a law throwing elections and democracy out the window. But then they hear it sailed through the House with 241 votes and they panic, get renewed vigor to contact their Senators. The ICI folks were no different. We expect a few letters to Senators on this topic. In fact, why not click here and send one now?

Thanks again to ICI for their great hospitality and their commitment to manufacturing.