Report from America: Jacksonville, Florida, v.2

By March 20, 2007Report from America

Report from America Down here for the NAM’s Annual Public Affairs Conference, a great agenda, turnout and lineup. Some highlights from yesterday:

  • An excellent trade panel where we discovered — among other fun facts — that in Scandinavia, unions are unabashedly pro-trade, because they see is obvious benefits. If only that were the case here…
  • Exporter extraordinaire and US manufacturer CNH (we’ve written about them here before) talked about their trade education program. They not only have a great site on trade education but they also have games on the site that teach the benefits of trade, games like, “Global Trader 2: Shaping Our World,” “Seek-A-Word” and “Where’s That?” Check ’em out.
  • Proud NAM member 3M is also an exporting powerhouse, exporting $4 billion worth of US-made goods around the world for every $1 billion of goods it imports.
  • 3M also has a great employee involvement program, with 87% of employees surveyed saying they want to receive more information from the company on public policy issues and an astonishing 94% of those surveyed who actually voted. Don’t believe manufacturers can’t make a difference when they put their minds to it? Just ask former Rep. Bill Luther (D-MN). He ignored manufacturers and lost his election.
  • More tomorrow.