Rep. Paul Ryan

By March 28, 2007General

Today kicked off with Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), who represents a district that is manufacturing-rich, home to many NAM members large and small.

“We (Republicans) need to get back to our roots to reclaim our identity and our principles. Nowhere is this more clear than in taxes and spending. There is an enormous difference between our parties and governing philosophies.

Last time the Democrats were in the majority, they passed the largest tax increase in history. They are doing it again. The budget resolution continues their policy of raising taxes. The budget bill includes a $392.5b tax increase. In Wisconsin, 2 million taxpayers will see an increase of $2964 per household.

The difference between the parties has never been as crystal clear as it is today. Washington doesn’t have a revenue problem, has a spending problem. In order to fix and save entitlement programs, you need to reform them.