Planet Gore: Gimlet, Jaundiced or Merely Accurate?

Have we mentioned what a fine addition to the blogosphere is Planet Gore, one of the National Review’s stable of blogs? (To answer the rhetorical question, yes, we have.) Its writers keep up a steady stream of linking, commenting and analysis on the politics of global climate change. For example:

Is this why Al Gore won’t debate? [Iain Murray]

Last night, NPR and intelligence squared hosted a debate in New York City on the motion “Global Warming is not a Crisis.” The proposition, Michael Crichton, Prof. Richard Lindzen and Prof. Philip Stott, won by 46% to 42%. What makes the performance all the more impressive is that before the event the organizers found the motion would have been disapproved of 57% to 30%, so there was quite a swing as a result of the arguments deployed.

A cynic (who, me?) might suggest that this sort of result illustrates just why ‘alarmists’ are trying to close down the debate on the issue.

Tim Blair is funnier on the topic, but Planet Gore is still the place to go to find balance to the mainstream media’s roaring campaign on man-made climate change.

P.S. Hit 80 degrees yesterday in Washington, D.C. Global warming, to be sure. Although …last time we mentioned Planet Gore, we thought to check in with the Bismarck Tribune to see how warming is affecting the Great Plains. And?


Slowly. Very slowly.