On the Radio: Card Check Debate

By March 12, 2007Labor Unions

The good people at WDAY AM radio’s “Hot Talk” program in Fargo, N.D., hosted a debate this morning on the card-check legislation with the NAM’s Jason Straczewski, director for human resource policy, and Nico Pitney, deputy research director of ThinkProgress.org at the Center for American Progress.

Guest host was former North Dakota Gov. Ed Schafer, who had a long career in business and manufacturing before his stint in politics.

Callers were to a man suspicious of union coercion in the workplace and the deleterious effects of unionization on the economy. (And no, “Hot Talk” doesn’t screen out hostile callers.) Nico stuck close to the labor talking points, which now appear to rest on two arguments, one, that unions help employees make a better living and, two, that employers are vicious, brutal oppressors of workers, eager to fire them at a moment’s notice. Funny, that’s not the world of manufacturing we know. As Jason made clear, employees are manufacturers’ greatest resource, and they deserve the right to decide on organizing a union free of the intimidation inherent in the card-check process.

Thanks again to WDAY, we have two sound files of the debate in .mp3 format. To download, please click ONE for the first segment and TWO for the second. The files are about 6.4 MB each.