On Capitol Hill Today: Demagogue-O-Rama

By March 28, 2007Dobbs Watch

Dobbs Watch“The problem with this city,” former Sen. Bob Dole once cracked, “Is that the second demagogue doesn’t stand a chance.” Today, the demagogues will converge on Capitol Hill, represented by their spiritual leader — and our pal — Lou Dobbs.

That’s right, TV personality and demagogue Lou Dobbs is testifiying on Capitol Hill. “On what topic?” you might ask. Demagoguery? How to turn good news into bad news? How to twist data to fit your own ends? How to ignore years of economics training at Harvard in shameless pursuit of ratings?

Nope. Lou is coming to testify before the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on — get this — Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade. Guess they didn’t have one on demagoguery. The topic is, “Trade, Foreign Policy and the American Worker,” vaguely fitting under the expansive jurisdiction of this committee. Funny, we thought the Ways and Means Committee handled trade. Truth is, Charlie Rangel is too smart to allow his committee to be used as a platform for a commentator with an ax to grind.

We’ll keep you posted on what Lou says, but just as a wild guess, we’re figuring he’ll continue to weave his yarn about the war on the middle class and continue to blame trade agreements for our trade deficit. He’s mostly wrong on the first point and flat wrong on the second (just check out this chart, if you don’t believe us), but as we always say, never let the facts get in the way of a good story — or your ratings.

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  • Debby Young says:

    Pastor Chuck Baldwin is sincerely expressing the views of so many Americans. I don’t know what happened to our “collective outrage”, but it is time to find it. If you listen to the news(except for Lou Dobbs)you would think America is the nation our forefathers envisioned. If you believe that, then, I emplore you to look much more closely and question whether you have been brainwashed by our politicians and news media. I also “Thank God For Lou Dobbs”.

  • Dustin says:


    By Pastor Chuck Baldwin

    March 30, 2007


    Over the years, I have been as outspoken a critic of the mainstream press as anyone. For one thing, the vast majority of mainstream media celebrities seem infatuated with liberal politicians. For example, popular news hosts are going gaga in the way they cover the presidential campaign of Senator Barak Obama. Of course, this is standard operating procedure for the majority of the mainstream media. Is it any wonder that so many people across America have serious disdain for America’s major news makers?

    Furthermore, if CNN is the “Clinton News Network,” FOX News is the “Bush News Network.” For instance, Sean Hannity is nothing more than a shill for Republicans in general and George W. Bush in particular. The same is true for Rush Limbaugh and countless other media dignitaries.

    Genuinely objective reporting is almost nonexistent in today’s mainstream media. They all seem to be little more than lap dogs for big-government media moguls, distracting the American public with incessant “news” coverage of Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears, while providing almost no coverage of the really important issues impacting America’s future survival. Thank God, there is one exception: CNN’s Lou Dobbs.

    Day in and day out, Lou Dobbs dares to address the truly salient issues that most newsmen are either too ignorant or too afraid to address. For example, Dobbs is the one member of the mainstream press that is willing to not only address the subjects of illegal immigration, the erasure of our national borders, the loss of our national sovereignty, and the burgeoning North American Union, but he courageously tells the truth about it all.

    Furthermore, among the national mainstream media, it has been Lou Dobbs, and only Lou Dobbs, that has been willing to challenge the Bush administration’s pathetic capitulation to the Mexican government in prosecuting and imprisoning Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, while at the same time giving a confessed Mexican drug dealer amnesty so that he might testify against the agents.

    I’m not sure how Lou Dobbs became the courageous champion that he is, or how it is that CNN lets him speak out as freely and forthrightly as he does, but I am sure glad he is on the air. His is a lone but powerful voice for truth amidst a cacophony of phony-baloney “news” reporting and downright propaganda.

    If you want to get the “straight scoop” on the issues that are currently threatening America’s national sovereignty and independence, Lou Dobbs is your man. Personally, I thank God for Lou Dobbs.

    © 2007 Chuck Baldwin – All Rights Reserved

  • John Bello says:

    NAM is still around..?

    I heard that hundreds of your members became disillusioned with the fact that NAM is basically an organization that puts the interest of it’s large Asian contributors over those of domestic manufacturers?

    In fact, I know first hand that their discontent with NAM’s propaganda machine has forced them into developing their own, pro-American organizations..

    What a laughing stock NAM has quickly become..remember when you said NAM still has plenty of clout..?..anyway, the tide is turning Pat..Ryan-Hunter, Grassley, Bayh, Schumer, Graham, Bunning, Duncan Hunter, Pascrell, Walter Jones..all are sponsoring bills that already have momentum in Congress..

    Give it up..you lost

  • donald kennamer says:

    The N.A.M. is an Unamerican association……SCREW the USA we must have CHEAP LABOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James says:

    Uh-huh. Do you think we are stupid? American manufacturing is dead and cannot compete with zero-cost, zero-regulation 3rd world manufacturers. Who do you work for?