NAM Leading the Fight Against Card Check

By March 10, 2007Labor Unions

Back in the old days of corrupt, machine-style politics, if party bosses weren’t sure they’d win an election, they’d rig it. Stuff the ballot box, find the voters at the cemetery, or maybe conveniently “lose” some ballots at the bottom of the river.

But at least these old-time politicians would have an election. Today, organized labor’s bosses even want to do away with that. Labor is pushing a strategy called “card check.” With card check, amazingly, unions trying to organize a business could eliminate secret-ballot elections completely.

The union organizers would just collect signature cards at a worksite or maybe even through a visit at an employee’s home. When they’ve got enough cards, they’d say, “That’s it. We’ve got a union. No election needed at all.” Talk about coercion. Talk about intimidation. That’s exactly what we would have.

Unfortunately, the House of Representatives has passed the so-called “Employee Free Choice Act,” legislation that would permit this kind of stripping away of the freedom to have a secret ballot. It’s an assault on workplace democracy.

Organized labor makes millions of dollars in campaign contributions to Members of Congress, so they demanded House members vote for card-check in order to keep their support. Well, they got their payback. The card-check bill now goes to the Senate. I urge you to contact your Senator in the strongest opposition to this legislation. The NAM is leading the fight.

Democracy is marching forward around the world. Let’s not retreat in the workplaces of America.