‘Hollywood’s Climate Follies’

By March 21, 2007General

Great op-ed by the above title from resident wise man Bob Samuelson in today’s WaPo. Samuelson has stubbornly been focused on the facts throughout the whole global warming debate, refusing to be caught up in the hype and instead soberly repeating plain facts about climate and about the economic impact — and inherent illogic — of some of the proposed solutions. He is not a skeptic, but he is certainly a buzz-wrecker.

His conclusion says it all:

” The lifestyles that produce greenhouse gases are deeply ingrained in modern economies and societies. Without major changes in technology, the consequences may be unalterable. Those who believe that addressing global warming is a moral imperative face an equivalent moral imperative to be candid about the costs, difficulties and uncertainties.”

And to think this ran on the day Al Gore is testifying on Capitol Hill. Let’s hope nobody in Congress reads the WaPo…