Global Warming Update: Hollywood Hype and Poking Holes in Al’s Ozone

By March 20, 2007Global Warming

It was 40 degrees at 7 a.m. in Jacksonville yesterday, so we’re still waiting for global warming to hit.

Two items today, one from Drudge and one from blog reader and friend Ken Hutton, who saw an interesting article in his hometown newspaper on Sunday.

The first piece reports on some respected scientists who think Hollywood is “overplaying” their hand a bit on the topic of climate change. Ya think? Films like the sensational – and fictional — Day After Tomorrow “only work to create confusion in the public mind,” say these folks. We agree, we’re for science, not hysteria.

The second piece is from Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer, a piece by Jonathan Last, “Taking a Closer Look At Al Gore’s Truth.” Says Last:

…[T]he claims of environmentalists such as Gore begin to look less and less certain. In fact, in their unwillingness to brook dissent or countervailing theories, they seem less like scientists and more like the fundamentalists they otherwise scorn.”

Two good pieces, worth reading — if you’re interested in balance, that is.

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  • Pat Cleary says:


    I was being facetious.

    Thanks for the note.

    Pat Cleary

  • John Clayton says:

    It’s great to have a dialog about facts and balance – something that’s frequently overlooked because of agendas. But opening a piece saying it was 40 degrees in Jacksonville so there must not be any global warming is absolutely ridiculous and makes anything else you say have questionable credibility. Do you really think that playing the same game of senseless claims bolsters your case?