Getting Smarter about Energy

By March 17, 2007Energy

America’s “Energy IQ” could use a boost.

We made education a big theme when the National Association of Manufacturers issued our comprehensive energy strategy, entitled “Energy Security for American Competitiveness.”

The more accurate the information the public has about energy, the better the solutions will be we can find to meet our country’s energy challenges.

For example, did you know that oil and gas are involved in the production of 96 percent of all manufactured goods? Whether it’s as a chemical feed stock, or transportation fuel, or to run machinery, oil and gas drive our manufacturing economy.

Manufacturers have led the way in promoting conservation and efficiency. It’s a story we want everyone to know about. Today it takes half as much energy to produce a dollar’s worth of products as it did some 30 years ago.

Now, a growing economy means we’re going to continue to consume – about 20 percent more oil and gas, we estimate, over the next three decades. We absolutely need a comprehensive approach to meet that demand. How? With a diverse, reliable and affordable energy supply.

And we have to be smart about it. Because we should all increase our energy IQ.