Friday Follies: Einstein Says…

By March 23, 2007Friday Follies

Friday FolliesThere are a bunch of these floating around the Internet, but somebody sent us this one a few weeks back and we’ve been having fun with it ever since. It’s our friend Albert Einstein (yet another famous New Jersey resident) at the blackboard, scratching out some very important lessons.

There’s no doubt that Einstein was a smart guy — and an actual scientist, unlike the other Al we’ve heard from this week — so we wondered, what, if anything did he say about global warming? You’ll be shocked to find out when you click here.

And on blogging? Who knew that Einstein was smart enough to see far into the future, even into the world of blogging. This is the earliest known record of the mention of the word – and from such a distinguished source. Want to know what he had to say? Click here to find out.

You can have hours of fun with this –we did, on our own time, of course. Click here to try your hand at generating a message of your own from one of the great scientific minds the world has ever known.