Friday Follies: Chicago, My Kind of Tonw

By March 2, 2007Friday Follies

Friday FolliesThanks to Lisa Callaway for sending this one along – via Mary Lynn Fayoumi — from Crain’s Chicago Business.

Apparently one Michael Duplessis decided to head on down to the Jade Dragon Tattoo parlor on the Northeast side of Chicago to get a tattoo commemorating the windy city. As he envisioned it, it would be a depiction of Chicago’s famous John Hancock tower with the words, “Chi-Town” above it. So far, so good.

Well, apparently, the, uh, artist, one Sam Hacker didn’t have SpellCheck and ended up writing “Chi-Tonw” instead. But that’s not exactly what Mr. Duplessis is unhappy about. He says he was “fraudulently induced” to sign a liability waiver for work performed, and even went so far as to note the mis-spelled “Chi-Tonw” on the form.

As a result, says, Mr. Duplessis, he has suffered “emotional distress from public ridicule” and “loss of self-esteem and psychological pain and suffering.” Well, of course he has. For some reason, according to the story, “Jade Dragon founder Joseph “Fat Joe” Scapini II did not return a call seeking comment. And no, we didn’t make that part up, either. This is all so much stranger than fiction.

“Fat Joe” is probably off collecting cards somewhere for the local union in light of the House passage of the ill-conceived card check bill.

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