Friday Follies: Behavior Modification for Squirrels

By March 16, 2007Friday Follies

Friday Follies Proving once again that you can always count on us for the high-minded stuff, here are a few videos of some serious behavior modification . For those of you who inhabit suburbia — or urbia, for that matter — and who have been frustrated and thwarted by the incredible tenacity of squirrels, these videos will warm your heart. If you constantly play Coyote to the squirrels’ Roadrunner, these videos will make you smile.

They are courtesy of BoingBoing (“A Directory of Wonderful Things”), and you can see the celebration of gadgetry that the videos honor. The first is the “Twirl-a-Squirrel“, a gadget that provides some centrifugal disincentives for squirrels. The part of the videotape that allows you to see what the squirrel sees made us laugh out loud. The second and third ones are variations of a theme of “the squirrel fling.” You’ll see the lil’ critters go flying and — if your speakers are on — hear the gleeful reaction from the geeks who made these gadgets.

And before the PETA folks can get on us about this, no squirrels were injured in the making of these videos. They can fall from trees, drop a few hundred feet, shake it off and go back to your bird feeder. Trust us, we’ve seen it. Maybe we’ll post that video next week.

So score one for the Coyote — enjoy this week’s Friday Follies.

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  • Extremely disturbing video this ‘Twirl-a-Squirrel’. It seems to me that the twirl effect does not event begin to modify the behavior of the squirrel to prevent birdseed theft in the Greater United States. I am also wondering if the birdseed itself may be ‘twirled’ out and strewn about, thereby ruining the feed experience originally intended for birds both young and old.