Friday Follies: Are You or Aren’t You….?

By March 9, 2007Friday Follies

Friday FolliesYou regular blog readers — and especially you Friday Follies aficionados — know you can always rely on us for the high-minded stuff, the high road. Let the other blogs wallow in the depths, yessirree — here at, you get only the most noble stuff. Literature, really. Today is no exception.

Robert Sutton, a professor at Stanford University and co-director of the Center for Work, Technology, and Organization has written a book. We can’t really give you the title of the book on a family blog like this, but we can give you the subtitle: “Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn’t.” Those of you who work in manufacturing certainly don’t endure uncivilized workplaces, we know that, but there are plenty of you lurkers and wannabes out there (we know who you are), who work in totally uncivilized places, like news rooms, for example.

In any event, we know some of you (and surely none of us here at the NAM) have come into contact with a boss or co-worker that’s, uh, less than civilized. These are people for whom, as this Forbes story notes, “the word ‘jerk’ or ‘idiot’ doesn’t suffice.” Right-o. But there is a word that kinda captures this unique personality.

Any-hoo, we’ll let you descend into those depths by your lonesome, and you can read the article. You can see a description of the book here. And, most importantly, if you dare, you can take a quiz here and see if you are one of them yourself.

You might want to leave one on the boss’ chair as well — anonymously, of course…